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Shoalhaven River


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Couldnt waste a nice day yesterday so we hit up the Shoalhaven. There was a Boat Show on at Greenwell Point local ramp so we ducked around to the smaller ramp to launch. Its was about 1:30pm by the time we got the lines wet but within 10 minutes the fish were coming aboard. We were flicking Atomic Prongs (cliche i know but they work!)

We fished the racks in sheer denial that there would be Bream there but not even a hit....

We drifted Comorong wall and up around Orient Point and then later in the afternoon around near Greenwell Point Bowlo. All up together we landed 35 fish with my two identical 50cm being the biggest of the day.

While flicking & drifting we throw out a plastic just to bounce while we move; my squidgy killer tomatoe got smashed while doing this.

Great day altogether & great fishing.

Cheerio Cam







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That head shot of the flattie with the prong in it's mouth is a great photo Cam :thumbup:

That lure is my 'go-to' lure for flatties ... guess they're going to be a little harder to find now :074:

Congrats on a great session on the water, mate.


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Great report and great photos Cam. :thumbup:

What a fantastic session! 35 fish landed and two good 50cm flatties! Excellent!

Wish I was there.

Were they all flatties that you caught?



Hey Pete,

All we caught were flatties all day & those two 50cm were the best out of the day, i caught about 16 fish my mate did the rest. Cam

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