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Harbour And Inshore On Thurs


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Amongst the hectic schedule of uni exams and work, the weather yesterday fit the bill perfectly for an escape.

Headed out around 7:30 and headed out to the inshore reefs. The water was dirty and green perhaps from the recent rain. Very different from about three weeks ago when the water running up against the rocks was a beautiful blue. I was overrun by rubbish fish such as wass, rock cod, sweep etc. Saw a migrating humpack which was a nice sight too. The wind tended to the south and so i headed back in to the harbour. Went for some calamari and managed four good sized specimens around the 800g to kilo mark. It was very slow calamari fishing compared to usual though.

I then decided i would cahnce my hand with a john dory. Picked up about fifteen yakkas and a few mado in about 10 mins and then tried around the moored boats for an hour or so. Unfortunately no john dory but a nice flathead resulted off the livie. A few livies also got mauled and bitten in half, i suspect small sharks. While the livie was out i also had a rod with a baited hok on it. And caught an unbelievable number of small snapper and bream. With so many young snapper around i'm still trying to find the place they all go when they grow up.

The conditions were perfect and it was a great day to relax. Offshore was nice too and very comfortable. Regreting not being able to get out to browns as i have had a few reliable reports that the fin are still out there. Average size is down a bit but there are heaps still about if the temperature break can be found.

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With so many young snapper around i'm still trying to find the place they all go when they grow up.

Mate I've been trying for years. My conclusion is that they move out of the harbour and by the millions of them in there, they must mostly get munched on their way through the heads by something big and in the mood for a tasty, spikey meal. Imagine if all those pinkies grew to 50cm plus and stuck around!! Wow.

Still sometimes guys gettem big inside.

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