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Sydney Harbour Tommorrow - Ideas ?


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Hey All,

Arranged to get out with a mate tomorrow morning but am struggling for ideas and a game plan. It's much easier in summer when there are plenty of kings to be had etc.

Have not fished the harbour since the water has cooled down and not too sure what will be around. We usually launch from wharf road on parra river in a 4.2 tinny (without electric) but I dont mind driving as far as upper middle harbour usually but I notice that the wind is going to be up quite a lot...

As for fishing style, gear etc we do a bit of everything...

So the million dollar question.. if you were me what would you try tommorrow and where???????? Where is a good place to get out of the wind!!!

Maybe the best idea is to go to the pub tonight and sleep in...

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mmmmmmmmmm we have the same prob,and will be launching at the same ramp

hear's my plan so far[5meter cuddy]hit south head and have a look, if the swell is under 2 meters go for a troll and chuck a few gar

if the swell and wind are up down rigg liveys or gar all over the shop

i will at some time be bagging out on jackets as i love fishing for them so much more than snapper lol

that's the plan so far[will check weather before bed and at 4.00am if it's blowing more than 10kn at 4 will give it a miss]


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