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Jew Bash


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Hi raiders ended up giving MH a miss and went out

to one of my favorite jew haunts around the back of cockatoo island

settled in by 2.30am set the baits out for the low tide swing about

3.45 one of the rods buckled over and took of with my squid bait

then to my suprise it let go of it.

Half a hour later another rod went of and then another i had a double

undecided of which one to go first i just grabed the nearest to me i ended

up landing both.

I reset the bait again and just as i layed back the drag was going on another

fish it was awesome i mainly always get fish here but the forth hit was good to see.

This fish was not as big as the others so i put him back not that there big fish only tackers.

Stayed till 5.30am then headed back home

Cant beat cockatoo island jews ;enjoy the pic

This ones for you olly!!!!!!!!!!!

hey OUTFISHER good work mate... im suprised that you didnt even drift of to sleep at that time i know i would have hah.ha.. were did u catch your squid at ??...

Cheers Cox Craft :1fishing1:

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