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Hawkesbury Rail Bridge


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Picked up the boat from its service at Hueys, then Peter (my young bloke) and I went straight to Brooklyn to get the lay of the land (not having been there for some years), essential suppl-pies and some nice squid.

Unfortunately due to the delay in getting a 15 yr old out of bed and breakfasted :chair: , me ensuring we had everything, picking up the boat etc etc we didn't get to Parsley Bay and on the water till midday.

Motored round Dangar the long way and then drifted back from the rail bridge :1fishing1: while rigging up for jew. The sounder showed small fish at 10-15ft all the way around but no bites on small squid strips.

Went back past the rail bridge and then dragged the anchor till it finally took, leaving us between the new & old pylons. Fish sign (or something ?) still on the sounder around 15 ft but still no bites. Current was getting bad by 2 so drifted back to calmer waters and got the whole squid down near the bottom. Something then played silly buggers with the whole squid bait for about a half hour but never got a decent take, just the occasional slow take of line. Eventually left around 3 after an enjoyable but fishless day.



:lol: I found out out why fisherman are always on the water by 4 or 5:am - its so the :wife: won't get up and give you half a dozen jobs to do before you go :-rolleyes

On the way back found a promising new spot & structure to try next time, will have to PM jewgaffer and query his extensive knowledge


PS Hueys fixed the skeg & broken hydrofoil etc so now I can deny ever running aground or trying to back the car over the top of the boat, cause I left the prop down



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great report bad luck on the fish

mate i'll give you a few tips

1;to get kids up,remove doona from room[they come looking for it]

2;prepare the night before[early exit a must to avoid the cook]

3;loose the fish simbles and fish alarm[go to sonar mode]

and the rest is all good great pic's and i wish i was there

cherrs gary

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G'day Copafisher, as you know we weren't all that far from you , good to see your boat up and running again, one day , one day it will happen big Mr Jewie.. Nice pics too...

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