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Warning If Fishing At Miloneaux Head In Botany Bay


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Just thought i would pass on a warning to others (newbies like me) to be VERY VERY carefull if fishing out miloneux and you see a tug come motoring out.

I was out a few nights ago and seen a tug coming didn't think much of it till i started hearing waves breaking. i look at the tug and i see some VERY decent size white caps heading my way. I quickly raced to pull in my rod i had out the back of the boat (thank god i only had one out and didnt have the anchor) and got to the front as quick as started the motor and pointed the boat straight in to the waves.

I am so glad i done this as the waves the tug made would have sunk my boat on the angle it was sitting on. The waves had to be a mtr plus and they were surfable(verly surfable). The first wave that hit my boat went right over the bow and smashed against the windscreen. The next 1/2 a dozen that followed were not much smaller they scared the crap out of me.

so be careful out there guys :beersmile:

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mate lucky you were on the ball could have been a very diferant story had you had a pick down

every danger is magnifided x 10 at night and every thing looks strange conpared to day we have had many close calls at night on the harbor


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Yeah your right i was thinking after it happen if i was anchored i would have been in big trouble.

I have had plenty of big boats pass by and some decent waves but nothing like the waves this tug made.

And yes they did pass very close was almost like they ment to do it

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i know the feeling, in my old 4. metre pride we had to be mindful of the tugs all the time. provided you pay attention you will be ok if a little wet.

i remember hitting one quite fast and ploughing straight throuht it lol. got absolutely drenched

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Yeah they dont give a rats!

I have been in port kembla harbour late of night and they purposely pass right on top of you just for amusement. They all stand on the back deck watching a we dissapear in every trough.

Bloody bloody scary stuff :1yikes:

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