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Braid Tangles


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Hey fellow raiders,

Im new to all of this and i have just started to use poppers. Im using Shimano Catana 2-4kgs Rod and Shimano Sedona 1500 Reel with a 8 pound braid and was wondering why after several casts it gets tangles in the main line???

What can i do to stop this???

Any help would be appriecated.



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Your Sedona is not designed for the erratic line activity which occurs when one is poppering. Each time the reel is picking up slack line as you are working the popper, little loops form and bad line laying occurs on the spool and sometimes, outside the spool on the rear flange or, aroudn the drag knob. When you go to cast again, a wind knot forms.

You need to change reels. I would suggest a Shimano with an ARC spool or, one of the Daiwas (Sol, Certate, Exist, Steez, etc).

The following is a list of actions which WILL NOT solve your problem: :(

1. Get new braid - it is not the braid. :1onono:

2. Get a new rod - it is not the rod :1onono:

3. Change your action - not viable as there is really only a scant few ways to popper (or rubber for that matter) and all involve jerky shaky retrieves :1onono:

4. Use your hand to put tension on the line as you bring up the slack - this will severely hinder your concentration and ability to work the lure properly. :1onono:

5. Only half fill your spool - this will hinder your casting ability and spools are designed to be filled up, not half filled. :1onono:

I spent considerable money and time trying to get older model Stellas to work and tried all of the above and failed miserably. In the end, the reel was the culprit.

You can get a new Saros or Stradic with the ARC spool and improved oscillation fairly cheaply and you will be back in the game. :biggrin2:

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Hi Leegan and welcome to Fishraider, all that Ceph said is good advice, I will add that you must watch the way your line lays on the spool, if it does loop over the drag or the bottom of the spool , STOP and get it off , as Ceph said if you don't see it your next cast will be ugly. I also made sure that my braid was initially wound on nice and tight if you can squeeze the braid on the spool with your fingers and it feels mushy try respooling with a bit more tension..

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I had similar issues when i first started using braid, but found it was to to being slighlty over spooled...

where the braised was actually hanging past the lip...

A few tangles and about 20yds or braid later, problem was solved! :biggrin2:

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