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hi, a mate of mines selling a gloomis soft plastic rod with a overhead reel 4 flicken sp around pretty cheap, are they good? i c a lot of pro,s in the mags with em, just wondering what use think?

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They are fantastic rods although, sometimes Loomis build them with crappy components. I don't undertsand this! They go and put $9.50 worth of Hardloy guides on a $150 ($250 if you buy it here) light as a feather graphite blank.. add some D grade cork and a plastic no-brand winch and presto, you have a Ferrari with a bad paint job and skinny wheels.

Like anything, you need to make sure you get the right model. They are designed for American conditions and techniques and you probably need to see it and bend it before you commit! Some of the US rods are really slow in action and bend from the butt cap.

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G'day Diver,

You might also want to think carefully about whether you really want a baitcaster (overhead) for soft plastic fishing. They're fine for bigger plastics on heavier heads but you won't be able to cast small plastics far with one (if you can cast them at all) and if you find yourself having to cast them into any wind... forget it.

Baitcasters are fantastic, specialised tools (for some jobs, almost essential) but a spinning reel is going to be much more versatile and easy to use.

As Ceph said... also watch the build quality. Not all Loomis rods are the same either... a GL2 rod is nowhere near as good as a GLX for example (blank and build quality). I personally think the GL2's are way overpriced at full retail and there are much better rods for the same money. The GL3s are a lot better and at the upper end of their range their rods can be awesome.

Cheers, Slinky

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Yes.. what Slinky said. I didn't realise it was an overhead.

You will have a better chance with an egg beater, verheads will work and I have a little Calcutta which is good but anything less than 9 grams, the overhead doesn't cast all that well. A nice 2000-3000 sized egg beater is perfect for flicking plastics.

Loomis has GL2, GL3, IMX and GLX blanks. IMX and GLX are the best. the GL's are good but not worth the dough. GLX is the cream of the crop but expect to part with $500 plus!!

And no, you can't use an egg beater on an overhead rod. :1prop:

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