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Bait V Lures/soft Plastics


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I have notcied a massive difference in the last couple of weeks in regards to the amount of action/hits/catches from flatties/bream.

During winter , do you think that due to the fish being slower and less active that they are less likley to chase a soft plastic BUT more likely to hit sitting dead bait (i.e squid or prawn)?

what do u think are the best ways to catch bream and flatties during these colder winter months ?

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G'day Bully


1. Add a heap of scent to your plastics and small hard bodies , including your Gulp lures

2. Fish your plastics slowly, but try to use more animated plastics (like lobbies)

3. Sloooow retrieve your hardbodies


1. Trolling with hard bodies using an electric is a good option now

2. 4 and 5 inch gulp minnow profiles will work well, particularly on the drop offs. You don't necessarily have to slow these down.

At the end of the day, it's all trial and error. Good luck mate, and keep us posted!


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