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Yellowtail Jig


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guys would yellow tail take a (little bright coloured beads and several hooks) jig? Or is a small hook with bread the best chance? Thanks Nath.

P.S. I promise to thank you all one day if I do get this jewy. I know I ask alot of questions.

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Yea those lil bait jigs you get from the shops work a real treat.

Good to burley up to get a large school to increase changes of them taking it.

Most often then not we don't even have to burley they jump on the hook ready to go!

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I find bait jigs very annnnnooooyyyyying !!! I especially hate putting away bait jigs, such a pain and usually are usually tangled when you try to use them again next time.

If you want less complications, just use a single sz 10 or sz 12 hook and use a small cross-section of pillie. The pillie does not need to be threaded on that carefully, just as long as the hook is exposed. When you feel a tug, set the hook. Prawns are OK too. Use bread and you might end up catching bream !!

You will catch more than enough yakkas you will need for your session in no time. I rarely use a bait jig for yakkas .. 1 hook is plenty.

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Agreed! bread will bring too many size of your hand bream to the party!

I have found you can;t go wrong with a size 12 hook... size 8's meant lots of hits and nt many hookups when I accidently left the size 12s at home. Spent half my time on the water chasing bait! :thumbdown:

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Just wrap it back onto the cardboard backing it came off . Or throw it in the bin , there cheap as .

Try cutting a jig in half , you get less tangles from three hooks .

Ice cream container lid same size as the cardboard they came on- rinse with fresh - but they still get tangled and like another poster says we always cut them in half for 3 hooke each. Friend uses a piece of esky foam and it works well as you can secure the hooks in the foan.


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I agree with Stylo and Throw me a fish. A good brand of hook,Owner or Gamakatsu or similar in size 12, chop up pillies fine and use for berley and bait.

Make sure when you bait the hook to get it through a piece of skin. You'll have your livies in no time flat and no tangled bait jig getting stuck in the carpet or worse, your feet.



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