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Hi raiders can anyone suggest a digital camcorder that takes good footage out at sea

also want to take under water footage.

Im looking for something within a 1 to 2 grand price range

i have been looking at the new panisonic under water camcorder if some one has one would

like to hear what you think of it.

If anyone can help me" would much be appreciated thanks outfisher!!!

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Hi Outfisher

The thing I don't like with the Panasonic is it records on to SD cards.

The cards yes they are cheap but I have had a few cards get corrupted over the years. This plus they aren't very big in terms of memory. The larger ones like the 16gb retail around the $250 mark, and the one that comes with it is only a 8gb.

The picture quality is ok but only ok compared to all the new Full HD ones now on the market. So for similar money to this Panasonic you are able to buy a Full HD camera with 30gb hard drive. Only thing you don't get is to have it water proof to 1.5m.......

Last week I just updated my video camera, I bought one of the new Sony Full HD cameras with 120gb hard drive. The picture has to be seen to be believe especially threw my Full HD LCD Tv. To me picture quality is the main thing, being able to record in 5.1 channel surround sound is just a bonus!

Not that long ago we lost my father, the memories that he captured threw the video cameras over the years are just priceless! All tho's times we use to roll our eyes when he pulled the camera out..... Now we understand why......

Just some of my thoughts.


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Having had several digital video recorders I would recommend a Sony for your price range.

Excellent picture and playback quality and easy to use.

Connects straight to you tv or PC where you can down load it direct to hard drive. They also provide software for capturing and manipulating the images/video files.

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