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Wallis Lake 27/6


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hi guys

Wendy's first outing in her yak!! She didn't put in where I did (she didn't want the concrete & rocks to do damage to the hull ...... as I said - it is a matter of when, not if ...... scratching will occur ..... sooner than later!) She launched from a nice little sandy beach instead! :)



Whilst I was taking the photo, a blackie actually jumped onto my hook, causing the rod to jump around in the yak! He was only small, so went back into the drink. Wendy went back to her favourite spot to use bait & as my spot that fired the other day didn't fire today, I went off in search of some fresh weed!! (Chopper75 is in town for a fish ....) and I managed to find some fresh weed & cabbage :1prop: So that is good!!!

I went out to the channel & put some cabbage on & almost immediately got a very nice blackie! Very fat, in good condition! Then another one on the next throw, nothing on the next, then another one again on the 4th cast! Can't complain about that - 3 fish in 4 casts!! :yahoo: I thought it was going to be a hot fishing session ..... then nothing!!!! Well, almost nothing! One very nice one got off & I had a couple of throwbacks! :)


All up, a good day on the water, till I tried to phone Keith with the new Mobile! Bloody thing wouldn't let me call - kept giving me info on how to get on the net to get more info about my prepaid service!! :mad3: .... finally paddled back to shore & used the payphone to ring .... only to have my 50c taken without being connected to home! :ranting2: Not Happy Telstra!!! Rang them to complain & they put me thru to Keith & have now contacted their call centre to get that annoying message (and unsolicited sms's) removed from my service!! :yahoo:

Haven't caught up with Wendy yet to see how she went, she had to hightail it back to her Dad's as she'd taken just a couple of hours off to test drive the yak! :1prop:

Hope to catch up with Chopper75 tomorrow to wet a line & hopefully get some fish!

Cheerio for now


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Another fantastic report Roberta. Great photos too. :thumbup:

I can't believe you had problems with Telstra :wacko: How unusual! :wacko: I bet that's never happened to anyone else! :wacko:

Wendy looks really comfortable in her yak. What's the white "box" behind her seat?

Good luck for both yourself and Chopper75 tomorrow. Can't wait to read about it.



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Hi Oldschool - DEFINITELY SAFER ....matter of fact I rarely go rock fishing these days, unless on our breakwall. Why put yourself in a position of danger, when the yak will take you to the fish??

Hi Peter

Wendy is trialling the 'garbage bin' as a fish keeping device! Just hope she doesn't get too many fish, or it could upset the balance of the yak!! She's had terrific fun setting it up & got a bargain at $650 including the paddle, leash & rod holder!

I haven't dealt with Telstra for years (other than hanging up on them on their repeated unsolicited after hours phone calls :1badmood: ) so had forgotten just how annoying they can be!!! :wacko: Maybe I am just getting a bit short tempered in my old age :tease: ??


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What a great looking yak! Looks like Wendy has started to deck it out very nicely. :thumbup: A very distinctive color on the water as well. I hope she has many hours of successful fishing.

Have the bream started to go quiet down there now, Roberta, hence you predominantly targetting the blackies? Are you still using your pizza box weed?

Hope you get the opportunity to wet a line with Glenn, and look forward to the reports!


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Hi Ray

Wendy hasn't got a camera yet ..... there's an nice waterproof vivitar at Alddi for $180 tho ..... worth saving up for!

Hi Hodgey

I've only caught little bream on hb lures recently (none on sp :wacko: - I need lessons on that!!)

So now the blackies are on, I just target them mainly! :) Yes, the pizza box stuff is still working - will probably use up the rest of the first lot in the next couple of sessions! Got a bit more yesterday from the same spot, but nowhere near as nice as that first lot! :( Someone or something had really had a go at it!!

Will be hooking up with Glenn today - will take the yaks over, as he has had problems with the boat! :mad3:

Hope to get some blackies with him at worst! :) Hopefully take him to where I got mine yesterday .... a little paddle, but worth it!



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