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Bluefin Tuna Fever 25/06/08


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Well i was lucky enough to be on board a charter out of kiama to witness some great Bluefin tuna fishing. The day started off pretty slow with a small albacore around 6 kg then a small yellowfin around 20 kg . Then out of nowhere the tiagra 80w growled with anger and a solid fish was hooked , it wasnt long and we had colour and to our amazement a bluefin was soon boated , at around 35kg high fives all round it was a top capture . From that moment it only got better soon five guys were on and giant bluefin were swimming around the boat next fish boated was around 25kg and another bluefin . Then a 56kg fish was boated on a satiga 6500 and a custom rod in 30 minutes , a top effort ... :thumbup: At least 8 guys lost top fish as some of the guys fished with braid rubbed there lines and the end result cutoff there mates fish . My suggestion when fishing with your mates for tuna leave the braid rods at home. It saves the heartache and lost fish stories . The last fish boated was another 56kg tuna and fought like a stuburn bull , it took 2 hours to subdue on the 80w tiagra. Some of the fish that were swimming around the boat made the tuna we caught look small . well four lucky guys got to join the eastcoast bluefin club ...

Cheers Dogtooth :1fishing1::1fishing1: John.




BLUEFIN 56 KG caught on saltiga 6500...




4 Bluefin on Deck :1fishing1::1fishing1:

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That is an AWESOME day out :1yikes: !!!

Some great catches there. Feel sorry for the guys who lost fish but good advice about leaving braid rods at home when the bite gets real HOT! Top stuff :thumbup: !


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Another top report Dogtooth and a nice read. That's good advice you're giving here and for those other blokes on the boat on leaving the braids behind and using monofilament to have good give in a line for a line class.

Those bluefin tuna would make a nice old jewfish size up in a quiet river ay John, and you would wonder how on earth they ever happened to be up there anywhere near that size, but they do exist around 35kilos and even more. Plenty have been caught over time and I'm thinking it must be our turn by now.

Making good work of the 56kg bluefin speaks says it all for the saltiga.

Cheers mate. Keep touch and looking forward to going out in the long boat or my savage, whatever is easier at the time.

jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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