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Bb Offshore Saturday 29th Jan


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G'day Fishraiders,

number two son and I planned a brief offshore trip yesterday morning. First stop West Head, for some yakkas, which failed to co-operate. Mados and sweep were the only bait on the WH grounds, and that's been happening a lot this summer. The Joey bombora was pumping hard and once we got outside conditions were pretty bumpy, with a few rain squalls around to liven things up. By the time we arrived at the 90 metre mark the skies had cleared and things were looking up. A couple of small skirted lures went over and a striped tuna hooked up quickly. We bridled him up on the new Shearwater 24 kilo and slow trolled him around for an hour without incident. Number two son was getting a bit bored so we pulled the bait in, and scooted over to a nearby FAD where plenty of mahi were in residence. Constant hookups on 3 kilo baitcasters provided plenty of fun, with a couple kept for today's barbie. Later in the morning, on the way back in, we saw patches of birds wheeling over what appeared to be big bait schools but nothing breaking the surface. The bait was scattered and about 20 feet down, we dropped down a jig hoping to score a few slimies for trolling but no dice. We had run out of time anyway so fingers crossed that the bait is still around next week. Cheers to all, Andrew



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