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Great Day Out Fishing With Chopper75 & Wife, Janet


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Hi guys

Caught up with GLenn/Chopper75b and his wife Janet today & was able to show them a few of my fishing spots here in Tuncurry .... all within walking distance of their camp ground accomodation! :)

Lovely sunny day up here, clear skies - a nice winters day. We tried one of my spots where the old fellas like to fish (they don't have to clamber down too many rocks :) ) and I muscled in on them & on my 2nd cast, I got a nice 30cm blackie. Shortly after, Glenn & Janet arrived & we found a good spot for him & hoped to get a fish. Lots of downs but no takes. :( After a while, we went to my next spot (Wendy knows this one well, it is where she caught her first blackie) and it was pretty quiet there too, as it was approaching top of the tide. I was busy trying to untangle some line that some dork had left on the ground & wouldn't you know it, with the line wrapped around both hands & the rod under my arm, I had a GINORMOUS DOWN!!! I couldn't get rid of the line & by the time I did, the fish was only on for about 1 second & then got off!! :mad3: Total lack of concentration!! :1badmood: Glenn had the same, too - very annoyed to miss it ..... and we would have left that spot for the next one earlier, except for those bites! :tease:

post-2231-1214636401_thumb.jpg post-2231-1214636432_thumb.jpg

We stopped off at the Fish Co-op for some fish & chips (appropriately!) then continued fishing!

We moved on to our final spot & saw 2 guys pulling in fish, so we muscled in there & had a go - this time, I managed a nice blackie which had a big gash under its chin! Something must have had a go at it!post-2231-1214636515_thumb.jpg

Closeup of the gash!


We must have been there about an hour

4 nice fish, ranging from 30cm to just under 38cm! An even bigger one got off! :(


The three amigos - what a pleasant day out fishing! Janet wet a line at 2 spots, too


It was my pleasure to show Glenn & Janet some of 'my backyard' & I hope they get into some fish tomorrow before they head home! Enjoy your fishy dinner! :)



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Nice report Roberta, glad your friends wet a line and a few fish as well .Lokked like a nice day up there as was our day down here at Avoca... Nice pics, good to see you in one...

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Thanks for a great day Roberta. It was great to finally meet you. we had a fantastic time and learnt so much more. Thanks for the feed. Even though I didn't catch the fish, it was great to be fishing with great company. Also to fish with someone who shares the same passion with black fishing as I do. Can't wait until next time I am up here. We will definately do it again. Hopefulyy get up here again before the baby arrives.

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Another great report Roberta. :thumbup:

As has been mentioned previously, it is nice to see you featured in one of the many photos that appear in your reports. By all accounts everyone had a wonderful time on the water, and Glenn and his wife ended up with a very nice feed of fish!

By hook or by crook, I will get down there one day, hopefully before you wander up this way in Oct. :biggrin2:


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well done guys :thumbup:

looked like a great time had by all...

not surprised though as you did get guided by "the queen of foster" roberta (master of the dark art) :074:

did you fish the "black boat" at all... ive found that its a real pain fishing for them up there as waters usually clear and not real deep so you see them alot of the time and if they are not hungry then it can be frustrating...

forsters such a nice part of the world.....


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..... did you fish the "black boat" at all ..... now that would be telling!! Who told you it was back anyway??? It was away for a few years getting work done on it & will be going out 'FISHING' shortly!!!! A lot of folk will be very disappointed!!! :(

I am just glad we got into a few fish - normally, when I fish with others, they (& me) get stuff all!! :074:

Both Glenn & I were very annoyed that we missed those two big downs - they went down so far & fast, we should have had them both! :ranting2: All because we were daydreaming!! :)

However, we were blessed with the weather & the fish 'sort of' behaved ....... next time, we'll do better & I'll try my best to make sure Glenn & Janet both get onto fish! :)



Edited by Roberta
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