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Fishing In Surfers Paradise


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i am going on holidays on thursday to surfers paradise and i was just wondering if anybody had any recommended landbased spots. i wont have a car so somewhere close to surfers would be good


Hi Cam

Maybe get a ride out there or a cab or a cheap limo, it's only about 10 mins from Surfers, but one the best places to fish landbased around Surfers is on the council run sand pumping jetty known as the Surfers Spit, which is as far as you can go north along the beach road and sticking to it rather than swinging off to Labrador. Just before you get to the lighthouse, you will see a car park and a short track leading to a grassy rise to a small council run kiosk, where you pay a fee to fish of about $4.00.

As you walk along the Spit jetty you'll find you'll start to walk well past the breakers and at the end of the jetty there is a front rail where it stops, it's a bit of a walk tho, but you will see bream fishrmen pulling in bream as you go from the early parts as well.

If you fish along the end at night, you should catch some really big fish including sharks and jewfish, so if you plan to do that you'll need big fresh fish baits, which you can buy cheap from the proper fish shop, near Labrador boat ramp, if you first veer off to Labrador boat ramp, the one near the bridge, and you need to be well geared up for that sort of action at night.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Hello Cam,

Jew is pretty well informed you on what most of the locals would pass you onto!

Great action for a pretty much guanrenteed catch of bream, tailor, whiting, odd flatty, jews and of course sharks.

(2 weeks ago a 10ft tiger was hanging around the jetty for a few day) :1prop:

Other then that, the general sand pumping carpark/ park area is a great place to fish off the rocks, or the groyne.

Along the groyne and rock walls are premium spots for jewfish (northern part of the south wall) and the odd large mangrove jack if you can get amoungst it.

Along the wall the earlier part just where it starts to bend and head back around to wavebreak island is a underwater pipeline, large trevally, gts and silver, congregate here most times and you just have to work the area and you should come up with something.

Whiting,tailor also hang around the pipe and nav post.

Around the sandbanks of the area is good flatty fishing, with occasional large 80cm+ flatties being pulled out there.

Inside the bay where all the boats are moored is alot of weed, you can get a bit of squid in here either with your jig or cast net (lol) and theres all the river species here, flounder etc, but no prominent spot to go so to speak.

You can also walk along the mainbeach/surfers beaches for tailor fishing if you want, but i'd recommend the sand pumping jetty a much easier option and you don't have to carry numerous outfits that way.

Anyway goodluck!

I havn't fished there for a while, but got a few good tailor off the pipeline i was talking about about 2 months ago in heavy current when we couldn't go out to sea.


Other then south port spit itself, there is the gold coast highway bridge, jetties and general broadwater which can be fished out of, not too sure where to recommend though landbased.


edit - just sent you a pm with a 15 page fishing location guide for the goldcoast from seaway to myway (currumbin), it's not up to date, but it's more of a graphical idea of where im talking about the groyne and bay areas all within 5-10mins walking distance.

If you need some local reports before you come up, i watch the thur/fri news reports and the friday in depth fishing pullout in the local rag.


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