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Blue Fin


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Hi fishraiders headed out yesterday there was not much happening

got out and started trolling 10 minutes later one of the rods went

and a 10kg YFT hits the deck so we through a couple of cubes over the side and

started a drift for 2 hours not even a touch we thought we had caught the only fin

in the sea that day.

After 2 hours my fishing buddy said lets leave the trail and head further to were

he saw a temp change on the sst charts the night before so of we went.

About 2 mile into the troll both the rods buckle over and another 2 YFT hit the deck

we set out the lures again and it was double after double hook up on small yft 10 to 15kg it was fun on

the 8000 sustain it got a good workout.

As the day went on the hook ups started to stretch out a little then our mate calls us on the

radio saying his boat has failed and he needed a tow in. All of a sudden as we were speaking a double

hook up occured so we told our mate we will get back to you shortly as he was in no danger.

We took a rod each and these fish were truckin hard peeling line out alot quicker than the previous fish we

hooked. A few minutes later my mate is calling for a gaff shot i put my rod back into the holder and

lean over his side of the boat to see a blue fin :1yikes: i gaffed it then went back to mine i was on my sustain 8000 had it within 10m and busted of on my 100lb leader it sawed through with its teeth. :05: The hook ups did not stop


We ended up going out for albicore and YFT but ended up with lots of yft and a few blue fin which we did not

expect but were very welcome.We both had dinner sorted and let the rest fight another day so we took

of to help the others get back in. Our day end up being a long one we were back at the ramp at 8.30pm

but it was all worth the 3 week wait with the bad weather we had. :thumbup::beersmile:

Enjoy the pics cheers outfisher!

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