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Fishing Up Near Byron Bay/ Brunswick River


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hey guys

I am going up to Byron Bay for a week and I plan to do lots of fishing. I will be mainly fishing the beaches and the Brunswick River.

I need some locations on where some places are to get some flatties, bream and whiting. I will also do a lot of breakwall fishing for jewies so local baits to use and rigs would be helpful as well.

Thanks and all the best for your holidays


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mate hit cosies corner its the beach straight below the lighthouse i used to live there and got some nice fish there big salmon tailor and sone nice jew. also try wattigoes beach jus north of main beach for whiting bream and flathead. that should be enough for a fish or two if ur really keen fish the north breakwall at bruns for some big jewies on live tailor.

cheers ben moses

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I can't remember what the beach is called, but the 1 with the ship wreck + main street of byron, where the caravan park is on the beach. Just infront of the caravan park is a small rocky outcrop, you can't fish from that outcrop towards the lighthouse side.

$750 fine copped by the people in the site next to us :wife:

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I fished with Jewhunter when up Brunswick River last year - will you have access to a boat? Grant got busted off by a big fish fishing The bridge pylons below the highway.

Should be plenty of blackies around the rock walls along the river side there & the marina (nice little wall jutting into the marina from the caravan park.) I caught some flatties there with sps.

Good luck!


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