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Saturday - A Very Slow Day's Fishing


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Fellow raiders...

I've noticed a lack of reports from Saturday, which comes as no surprise to me...

I spent a good 8 hours out on the water, and fished hard and furiously near the mouth of the hawkesbury for some undersized fish, not a great lot more! mostly incoming tide, and first couple hours of the outgoing...

Drifted, anchored near the points, live baits, dead baits, fresh squid baits, lures, plastics.. you name it!

Live bait was tough to get a hold of to begin with, with my 2 never fail bays burleyed like no tomorrow, and the scholls of Yakka's and Slimeys just weren't around?

The bites were few and far between.. and surprisingly, the jackets didn't even make an appearance!

Very little activity on the sounder, and when they were about, no takers... Judging by the lack of reports, it seems many where on the same boat! (pun absolutely intended!)

Jerusalem bay was full of boats as the sun started to set, but no reports of hartail on here.. surely some of the boats were raiders..

Did I miss something in the conditions? Moon phase? Barometric pressure? was mostly fishing 6 pound braid with an 8lb fluoro leader and a 00 sinker when baiting ... with the clear conditions and little rain we'd had I expected the water would be super clear! was I fishing too heavy?

Was a gorgeous day on the water nonetheless and I woulnd't have wanted to be anywhere else...

Just where were the fish on Saturday?

Never deterred, i will no doubt go out for a repeat next weekend, just hoping the fish are about this time..

:1fishing1: AJ

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Sunday was about the same for me. Went out from Port Kembla. Fishing was very slow with only rubbish caught.

But it was better than anything else I wanted to do on a Sunday.

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:05: I guess...

I'd actually put a little bit of time into planning my movements... watching the tide, the wind, the conditions in general really.. and had high hopes for a good day... even 1 legal size fish would've been nice! but that's fishing for ya!

penguin... CLOWN! hehehe got to be in it to win it mate! can't cacth fish unless you're out there!

like you all said though, was a great day to be out.. didn't even feel like winter!

Hopefully next weekend produces the goods... :1prop:

:1fishing1: AJ

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had a cheeky session on Saturday at Bobbin Head - for a big fat zero like everyone else. Couple of throw backs were caught - had a violent zzzzzzz on the small browning reel but no hookup.

Helped a few kids sort out their rigs and tangles and picked up some rubbish left by some d!ckheads and went home

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The only violent zzzzzzzzzz.... we had on the weekend was an eagle diving in at my Livey and trying to take it... excited me for a second til I turned around to a squawking eagle that started circling above us looking like he was going to have another go... amazing sight though!

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hey guys we fished on tuesdayand friday around middle head and q point very slow had to berly hard to stur up a few flattys[plenty off jackets ]

so with conditions on the improve we headed out to longy

it seems the harbor is very slow over the last 2 weeks and the boc report showes cold water moving up the coast

had no hits on the lures on tues and fri south head to the stink pipe north head to blue fish point and back

how ever i have been seeing what i call little big birds working in 2s crusing the waves[you know the ones that dive bomb your liveys from about 50meters high]in between the heads they are hitting slimmys

further out they are getting squid and big cuttles,this was why we heading out to deeper water on sat chasing snapper[we even picked up a huge tube off a cuttle as the birds only eat the head and guts leaving the holetube]

i think with the water temp and being so clear it will be hard work in the harbor till it rains a sh3#t load

so we will be giving the close in reefs a bash for snapper over the next month or so

ps i never fish west off the bridge or middle harbor so i can'nt coment on the conditions there


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