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Quiet Harbour Session


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Went out this morning - 1st day of school holidays :1prop: I knew that the windy weather was on the way so i thought i'd try and get a few hours in before the forecast NW hit.

I tried everywhere to get some livies - squid and yellowtail, but couldn't find any anywhere! At most places where i normally get livies there were no fish to be seen at all, and then at Balmoral i was plagued by sweep - there may well have been some Yakkas in amongst them but i could only get pesky sweep!

I also tried 4 or 5 spots where i normally get squid and couldn't find any of them either!

Can anyone suggest a winter spot for producing Yakkas? Also i heard that there are loads of squid around at the moment? WHERE!!?? and what size/colour jigs have people been getting them on?

Eventually i gave up on the sweep and went for a cruise around Middle Harbour - beautiful and still in there out of the wind.

At around 12pm i pulled the pin as the wind was starting to get up - on the way back i stopped for a quick fish near Quarantine. Pulled a couple of near legal pinkies before the jackets moved in :1badmood:

On the way back to Rose Bay i flicked a 6" shad hopefully at every marker that i went past but no luck today. Not a very successful trip in terms of fish but a very pleasant morning on the water.

Looks like the wind is going to make things a bit difficult for the next couple of days but hopefully i'll give it another shot on Thursday. If anyone can help me with winter livebait venues i would be very grateful.



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Sounds like the weekend woes continue...

Was very quiet on many fronts over the weekend! Had the same problem as you finding livies... they were nowhere to be found in their local haunts...

That's fishing! hope it picks up again by the weekend :biggrin2:

:1fishing1: AJ

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hey jim the liveys in the harbor are very scarce

there are schools off slimmys beween the heads but they are deep due to the dive bommers

there are super yakkas between q point and manly walf[14 meters deep pick a line between the two points and about 300meters from q point]also the frount off south head usuly holds bait all these spots you need a heap off berly[alas the jackets will show up but the bait will be there


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On Sunday, we picked up plenty of slimies for bait south of the heads.The flathead in particular could not resist them. Despite the fast drift south and the rampaging leatherjackets, we had our best day's fishing this year. You can catch fish in winter off Sydney!

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