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More On Knife Sharpening


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Thanks to Roberta's original post and the replies I went out and got myself a



When I opened the box I got a fantastic :1yikes: .


Not only was it full of all sorts of awesome looking goodies for me to sharpen my kitchen and fishing knives... by pure coincidence I'd ordered it when they were doing a promo and I got a free knife.. matching one of the favourite knives I already use in the kitchen. :yahoo:

I can adjust the blade angles to suit my preference and each knife type


So I thought I'd do my best kitchen :ph34r: impression and try it out on my older Furi East/West kitchen knife that was blunt (at least by my standards).... and the result






My rejuvenated blade and new morning razor.

It did it amazingly :flying: Now I've got something to do other than harassing the local carp population when I can't get out fishing for real.

Cheers, Slinky

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Ooooh!! That is SHARP!! Your other half may want you to do her legs???

Well done on the 'bonus' knife!! That is a serious setup & terrific to be able to change the angle of the dangle with the 'edge restorer'!!!

Must check it out again!! Bet the Promo is over now tho! :(

So you got the 2 lots of fingers (are they different grades?), the edge restorer & the promo knife - is the thing on the left hand side in the box, the edge restorer?? And it all fits into a fold down plastic storage container so nothing gets knocked about?



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hehehe ..... roberta you really love your knives dont you? .....

Hi Flatty Hunter - a sharp knife is much safer than a blunt one!! Easier for the surgeons to reattach the cut bits!! :1prop::(



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