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Dangar Island

Idol threats

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Got to the Brooklyn boat ramp just before 7am last time I do that could not find a parking spot for the trailor anywhere, parked in a designated car spot and luck was on my side as I didnt get booked :1prop:

Decided to try the Rail bridge after having a chat with a couple of guys who had spent the night fishing under the bridge and had quiet a few good sized bream , Jew and small hammer heads.

Spent an hour at the bridge and did not loose a bait :ranting2: .

Moved over behind Dangar Island found a nice hole and droped the anchor over , my mate was first to get his line in the water and after 10mins his rod starts making that lovley sound as a decent fish enhauled his Hawkesbury prawn , a couple of good runs and a 53cm Flathead ends up in the net and in the kill tank.

He said to me not trying to make it a comp but that is one nill.

Well it was on the game had started.

Next to the net was me a Flathead of 50cm that looked like it had an obesitey problem , it dawrfed his mate in the kill tank( One all I say) , this went on for the next couple of hours and we ended up with 2 flathead over 50 cm and half a dozen at around the 40cm mark.

The current started to run and I threw out a couple of floting prawn baits to catch some livies which where quiet thick , didnt take long and I had a few tailor and herring.

Decided to throw out a heering on the chemical sharpened hook and see what happend.

No more than 10mins past and that heart pumping sound of the reel screaming as an under water steam train goes south.

The fish ran for about 100mtrs and turned and headed straight for the boat , winding the reel as fast as I could to maintain pressure on the fish I finally get it to the boat , I could here its tail beating on the under side of the boat knowing that the fight was nearing the end.

My mate got ready with the net and you wouldnt beleave it , the fish spat the whole bait out and we didnt even get to see what it was. :05:

After sitting down and having a few beers to calm the nerves I placed another bait onto the chemical sharpened hook , as soon as it hit the water bag off it goes , this time at greater speed and straight into an oyster lease , it didnt take long and the line was soon snaped.

A few more beers and some swearing we called it a day.

On the way home we planned the next trip and have planed to take out the big guns and skull drag the mothers in , lets hope we get a chance at the monsters next week end.

I would like to know if anyone else had any luck on Saturday in the Hawkesbury.

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