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Hervey Bay


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Just got back from 5 days in Hervey Bay and I am slowly getting back into the swing of work. What better way to ease back into a working week than write a fishing report.

I arrived in the afternoon of Australia and was greeted with very windy conditions and rain squalls. You gotta love Queensland weather....... The weather continued for the next day with not a chance of wetting a line.

By Friday mid-morning the conditions had eased enough for us to wet a line. With my brother at work (poor bugger) I hit one of the local creeks in the tinny with my old man. We fished a rock bar part way up the creek and managed to pull this little estuary cod, which is a first for me.


Fishing the same rock bar I also managed to whizzz banged a couple of times on 15lb braid and 20lb leader. Not sure what they were but they were holding in tight to cover and we could not turn them. We managed a nice feed of mud crabs in the traps on the way home.

Saturday morning arrived and the plan was to hit the bay in the tinny. We hit the water just before sunrise and were greeted with conditions like these


We anchored up on a reef just of Woody Island in about 3.5m of water. The plan was to fish bait but I could resist a couple of casts with my bass minnow. Rigged with 6lb Fireline and 12lb leader I managed to pull a 32cm squire first cast.


Over the next couple of hours I caught Red Throat Emperor, Squire, Trevally and heaps of unstoppables all on bass minnows which was heaps of fun.

Things went quiet for a while so we decided to head to another marker further out. It was probably a bit further out than I felt comfortable in the tinny but you don’t get conditions like that every day. We had only been there about 5mins when I saw something out of the corner of my eye....... Just another turtle I thought...... How wrong could I be......

I turned to see about 16ft of Tiger shark swimming towards the boat, this thing was huge. It came with in 5ft of us and luckily my brother remembered the keeper net was hanging over the side of the boat.

Now the few times I have seen sharks in the wild they don’t normally bother me but I have heard many things about tigers being unpredictable and when you are in a boat like this.......


We high tailed it out of there. Its something I wont forget for a long long time.

Sorry to waffle on a bit but it’s a great place. Pity the weather gods were not kinder. Next time I will be going up for a week and taking my boat.

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I'm disappointed you both didn't go the tiger shark. It you had, it would have made an interesting report.

You a man or a mouse?

Fishing is a sport and the ethics tell us the fish deserve an equal chance, I’m not sure but that could mean to eat us.

Go the tiger shark.

An oldie but a goodie.


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I'm disappointed you both didn't go the tiger shark. It you had, it would have made an interesting report.

You a man or a mouse?

Have to agree with Swoffa.... You can have your sharks especially from a little boat. Also the heaviest line we had on the boat was 20lb braid. I don't think he would have even known he was hooked.

Maybe we should have tried a Bass Minnow. Whold have had to have gone up to 20lb leader though :risata:

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Glad you got to have a fish there Jethro, it is a beautiful place!!

I reckon you would of got bricked by jacks.....they just love busting you off on snags!!!

Big sharks up that way, I have seen plenty!!!  :1yikes:


Beautiful is an understatement. Its awesome. I am going to take 2 weeks and my boat next time and maybe the heavy gear :1prop:

Thought they migh be jacks bity also heard stories of barra in the creek as well, not sure how true it is though. We pulled a couple of small estuary cod off the same bar so they might have been bigger specimes. The snag was really not line freindly a couple of times you got a half hearted bite and you would bring your line in to find the leader shreaded.

I managed to get the head up on one on fishing a BM just below the surface on 6lb fireline and 20lb leader. I thought I had him out with a locked up drag but..........whizzzz banged again

Ill get em next time :thumbup:

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