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when for a fish today at norahead i was fishing for blackfish

certainly to rough to fish . but i was not going back home

o well fishing in 4 feet of water there is bream in them little holes caught 2 bream lost 6 :biggrin2:

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When I was growing up I used to go fishing with a mate down off the rocks at the local headland.

One day there was a pounding swell, due to a cyclone up in Qld some where. As we were desparate we decided to instead fish a rock pool, it would have been about 2 metres wide and about 4m long and maybe 1-1.2m deep. It was connected to the ocean by a thin channel about 2 foot wide. Normally the rock pool would be home to a few tropical fish only.

As the waves were pounding in, the rock pool was covered with white foam and quite stirred up so we couldn't see the bottom. My mate dropped his unweighted bit on cunji in and it gets snaffled straight away. Soon after he extracted the biggest bream I have ever seen (sorry have no idea of measurements - too long ago now (in the 80s)), that fish won the biggest bream award in the local papers fish of the year competition.

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Guest bluecod

Hey knapers

when for a fish today at norahead


Not Newport!

Good fish Ankles, how come you managed to drop 6 of them - what size hook were you using? Or did they reef you up?

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There was an article in one of the fishing mags about fishing the rockpools and how successful it can be. Apparently this type of fishing is particularly effective at night as the fish will frequent these areas under the cover of darkness.

When I was young (& foolish) we used to hunt the rock pools at night with a hand spear. Would regularly get ludrick, drummer, bream and other exotics. Wouldn't do it these days but the fish were definitely there.

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sorry there iain no grog on the rock for me + sick from the night before :biggrin2::beersmile::biggrin2: like mark the local rock pool for the night in big sea at nora put the googles on and the fish in there was bull. sh**. SO next day with light gear .... bream ... blackfish .. all in two feet of water. :thumbup:

hi is a pics look at the whitewash a that point its only about 3 feet or 90 cm... opps the .... the hooks.. wekk there were no 8 . i was fishing fdor black fish

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