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Shimano Spheros 14000fb /saragosa


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Hi All,

My mates are looking at getting new reels. One is looking at the Shimano Spheros 14000FB and the other the Shimano Saragosa 14000F.

Firstly the Saragosa sounds great and have heard a few good reviews. As far as the Spheros FB goes it seems like it has heaps of good features is lighter than the FA a lot heavier drag etc. However someone told me the drag washers were not as good as those in an 14000FA that has been upgraded??? I found that hard to believe but I was wondering has anyone got any reviews good or bad on both of these reels.

Would appreciate any info.



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I sold my Spheros and purchased a Saragosa.... yeah the drag washers a physically smaller in the Saragosa, i am sure this is not accident on shimano's behalf, it is certainly a better reel than the spheros.

why dont you compare the two side by side and draw your own conclusion.

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