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Suitable to minus 20 degrees. :074:

A must when the cold really sets in! :tease:

Choosing what size hole you want can also have weight on what auger will work the best for you. Today, we have options available from 4 inches all way up to 10 inches or larger. Most fishermen prefer smaller holes and some fishermen might prefer a larger hole so they can land the bigger fish easier. There are days when a 4 or 6 inch hole is ideal when chasing fish during early ice, but then when you decide to go after hairtail you might want to upgrade to an 8 inch hole. The ability to change the size of the hole without losing performance is very important. With the system that Nils Master provides, you can interchange auger bits (size of the hole) and still keep the same engine head and barely lose a lick of performance. Going from 4 to 8 inch holes is a breeze with the Nils Master power auger and cutting an 8 inch hole through 40 inches of ice can be done in less than 12 seconds. Powered by a 1.3 horse Tanaka Engine, the Nils Master power auger is lightweight and easy to use.

For the budget minded. :wacko:

When nature calls. :1prop:

Ideal to transport bait, gear and lunch.

Packed up, ready to go home.

Again, for the budget minded

A definate requirement when partaking in a coldie. :beersmile:

Or handling a fish.

Good luck to all.

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It was 8deg with 10knot winds last night so Mariner you are closer to the truth than you probably think. Do you even remember what temps are like under 20 degrees?

Going to sleep might be OK but waking up will be hard for em. Staying awake is a definate option.

Good luck to all the brass monkeys and monkeyetts going out and braving it in small boats and as to those on the floating palace - well fishing wasn't mean to be a IQ test but you win!!

tight lines

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