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Any Repair Update Mariner31?


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Hi,wondering how your repair's went on your boat which suffered the damage a while ago? any picture's of repair's? thank's,Mathew.

p:s just realised logged in under mr's name.

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Hi,wondering how your repair's went on your boat which suffered the damage a while ago? any picture's of repair's? thank's,Mathew.

p:s just realised logged in under mr's name.

Hi Mathew,

The props, rudders, skegs and shafts should be completed by Porters next Wednesday.

New 32mm Stainless bow rail being fabricated in Melbourne at the moment.

New interior being manufactured in Brisbane this week.

New generator and water cooled air conditioner being purchased in Melbourne this week (Had to find the right size units) - the air conditioning unit will fit under the helmsmans seat in the flybridge. Am deciding on either an Onan or Seawasp genset - again the physical size is important.

Have purchased 2 Turbocharged aftercooled Volvos - 1 complete to exchange with the one engine that was seized, the other in parts. Replacing all external parts on the engines - water pump, alternator, starter motor, etc.

Nicholas Hubbard - AKA - BM Nic is co-ordinating the procurement of all other materials at the moment - paints, fibreglass, etc. The following photos are courtesy of Nic.

I am consolodating a 20' container in Brisbane with all the bits and pieces of the Mariner. Hopefully might be complete and ready to ship in around 2 to 3 weeks.

The flybridge has been removed and pictured here with it is the dead marlin board. Took a bit of a hammering on the underside on the rocks but we can repair it on site.

Pictured here with the flybridge already removed along with the cabin windows. The boat is stored at the Hastings Deering facility.

The interior is in a sad state and needs re-doing. Carpets, timber lining, ply's and electric.

Will keep you updated when all the materials arrive and re-assembly begins.

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Thank's,Mariner,was curious as hadnt heard or read anything since you were asking for assistance to repair it, sounds like she will be brand new when it's all done.

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I can only imagine what can fit in a 20ft container. New outboards for a start, outriggers , rods let alone what your neighbours and wives want. With the price of boats there you should slip one in as well.

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Some of the gear in the container arriving Honiara this coming weekend. Shipwright should fly up next week to commence repairs. Hopefully, boat should be back in the water end of month. These items total around $48,000. This is not including the shipwright - first trip approx $5,000 for the 2 days he was here. Not sure what this next trip will cost as he is expected to be here for 2 or 3 weeks, then another final trip to complete the fitout.

All in all I guess the repair bill (including new goodies) will be around $75,000.00. Ouch!

1 Stainless steel bow rail $1,400.00 $1,400.00

1 Dark blue flybridge canopy $1,400.00 $1,400.00

20 4ltr tin Taubmans Enamel Paint $39.00 $780.00

1 4.5mm tinted acrylic sheet (8x4ft) $192.50 $192.50

8 Apple tango 3.6mm plyboard panels (8x4ft) $38.50 $308.00

2 15mm CD ply sheeting (8x4ft) $53.86 $107.71

1 19mm CD ply sheeting (8x4ft) $70.00 $70.00

1 25mm CDply sheeting (8x4ft) $96.77 $96.77

1 50ltr Lemair bar fridge $266.00 $266.00

2 Solar panels 10W $166.50 $333.00

1 Cummins/Onan 7kW generator set $16,149.00 $16,149.00

1 Cruisair 18000btu airconditioning unit and plumbing kit $6,131.79 $6,131.79

8 6 louvre vent stainless steel $34.05 $272.40

1 Anode oval with strap $65.00 $65.00

2 Anode rudder 94mm diameter (pair) $15.50 $31.00

2 Anode shaft 1-1/4inch $14.35 $28.70

6 Base weld on stainless steel 60 degree round $19.00 $114.00

1 10ltr air spray gun kit $99.00 $99.00

1 Set of Stainless steel propeller shafts, propellers, rudders and seals $6,792.89 $6,792.89

1 Steering tiller arm assembly $446.38 $446.38

1 Set of Bennett Marine trim tabs $1,090.30 $1,090.30

3 bucket, plastic Disney white with lid, F/L: 4475859 $2.98 $8.94

2 paint brushes F/L: 1660108 $5.90 $11.80

6 masking tape, 24mm x 50mtr F/L: 1666120 $2.36 $14.16

20 drop sheets, Rokset F/L: 1664958 $1.50 $30.00

1 angle grinder, Ozito F/L: 6291435 $39.00 $39.00

2 random orbit sanders, 125mm, Ozito F/L: 6290058 $52.00 $104.00

2 3 pack paint brushes F/L: 1670711 $3.96 $7.92

2 Bostik WHITE seal-n-flex tubes F/L: 1210089 $16.81 $33.62

2 3 pack liquid nails F/L: 1236505 $11.98 $23.96

1 Stanley quick point knife F/L: 5760617 $11.60 $11.60

1 blade pack, Olfa F/L: 5761273 $11.87 $11.87

1 Cabots crystal clear varnish 1ltr F/L: 1522392 $39.73 $39.73

1 Arlec 15A double power point F/L: 7052826 $15.00 $15.00

1 Utilux 15A pre packed power cable F/L: 4430131 $19.98 $19.98

1 jigsaw, Ryobi 500W F/L: 6210010 $49.00 $49.00

1 set of FINE blades to suit 6210010 $12.49 $12.49

1 set of COARSE blades to suit 6210010 $12.49 $12.49

1 Stanley 8mtr tape measure F/L: 5662104 $9.89 $9.89

1 cable ties, Weller, 150mm x 3.6mm F/L: 4431138 $4.57 $4.57

8 8mtrs Top Deck Black marine carpet, 2mtrs wide $36.00 $288.00

3 Kwik Grip 4ltr contact adhesive F/L: 1233604 $94.99 $284.97

1 Recond Volvo Diesel engine $5,000.00 $5,000.00

1 Labour charge for procurement of above $5,500.00 $5,500.00

Total price $47,707.43

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That's one hell of a shopping list. Was this covered by insurance?

Insurance is a bit of hit and miss here. The premium can be as high as 10 to 15% of the value. In fact I have no insurance on any of my vehicles, vessels, businesses or houses. It's all about risk factor.

Most of the gear was repairable, however I chose to replace with new.

The vessel was never fitted with air conditioner and generator. With the engines mid - mounted, and the extended cabin, it gets quite hot inside when at anchor after the engines have been shut down. This way the genset can be run whilst at anchor to maintain climate control in the cabin and sleeping quarters. It will also keep the fridge running which will keep the beer cold. I have changed the 3 way fridge for a standard 240 volt bar fridge.

I am a bit of a nut when it comes to back up equipment also, hence the generator. I have been stranded before with flat batteries after a weekend with stereos, etc running. There are 2 solar panels as well to trickle charge the batteries.

The bow rail was fine also - I had this new one made up to a larger diameter which more suits the size of the boat. I also had the "duckbill" shape added to the front of the bowrail.

The 80 litres paint is for my other boats here - the hardware continually runs out of stock. We have purchased International 2 pack polyurethane paint for the Mariner and it will be applied with the 10 litre spray pot listed.

I am starting to get quite excited about the outcome as it is getting closer. The shipwright who is doing the job recently completed a repower and refit on a 34 Mustang which made it on the front cover of a popular boating publication.

Hopefully the Mariner will end up in a similar condition.



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Are your boat's for your private use? or can they be chartered if people come over for a holiday? would be great to hire boat with crew to go cruising for a weekend like a house boat without having to do any thing.

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Are your boat's for your private use? or can they be chartered if people come over for a holiday? would be great to hire boat with crew to go cruising for a weekend like a house boat without having to do any thing.

G'day Mathew,

The larger boats (70 & 75 footer) are available for charter, however they generally sit idle for a week over xmas when we traditionally go celebrate with staff and families at some of the nearby islands. I have another 33 foot aluminium "work" boat that also would be suited for cruising come fishing but does not have the appointments of the Mariner. Any Raiders with an idea to visit here in Honiara would be most welcome to come out with me free of charge, any time of the year, in the 31' Mariner or 21' Robalo. If you don't mind a squeeze, you can stay at my house also free of charge. I have one Raider and his partner already booked to arrive here on Boxing Day returning a week later.

I have one charter booked on the 18th November till 8th December from a Professor out of Las Angeles. He is counting and monitoring dolphin activity for the Government. Apart from that date, most other times the vessel is available for my private use. Saying that though, yes the vessel is available for charter if persons wanted to fish solid for longer periods of time. PM me for rates.

I have enough fishing gear to equip a small army. No need to bring gear unless you want to fish lighter than 8kg.

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That is a very generous offer Carl,how do you get to your place?where do you catch plane to etc.?

There's 4 or 5 flights a week from Brisbane. The carriers are Our Air, Air Vanuatu, Air Nauru and a couple of others. Last fare I bought was for the shipwright in June. That was $600 from memory, add your connection from Syd/Bris then that's about it. Pretty cheap holiday!

Don't worry to much about the travel warnings, I've brought my mother up for the last few years and even her sister last year. They are in their 70's and weren't stressed out. I'm generally pretty busy for 2 or 3 days a week, but can be available to fish the other days. Even when I,m not available my local captain and engineer would be able to take the boat on their own.

There is also world class diving available from Honiara, or for a few dollars more one could go to the western province.

Offer open to all Raiders, just give me at least a month's notice.



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