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Land-based Soft Plastics Session?


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Hey all,

I'm relatively new to fishraider and even more new to soft plastics; i have no clue what plastics are for which fish, what size jighead to use for different conditions, how to use plastics, and things like that sad.gif went out today and lost 4 SP's and jigheads because they got snagged somehow.. in waters where i could see where there were hardly any rocks or weed

i'm 16, living in the canterbury area and my parents are happy to drop me off in anywere along the cabarita/abbotsford/fivedock/balmain/drummyone area

i was just wondering if anyone would want to or could spare some time in having a SP session land-based

it would be a good change to learn how to use these lures and sp's, and i don't see me getting any better unless getting some tips from more distinguished SP fisherman

Any help would be appreciated smile.gif

Take it easy,


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