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Found An Old Reel In Garage


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Anyone know where i can find info on

gear ratio

line capicity

on a shimano bantam tx 100 mag

I remember catching a 43cm bream with it about 12 years ago, but stopped using it because the line runner stopped working, i fixed the 1 on my penn so going to remove the runner on this and use hand to guide the line on.

Hopefully i can use it for soft plastics mayb...

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I will have a look at mine shorthly for you

the tx is the midnight blue one

it should okay for plastics with a bigger jig head

but with only two bearings there is a bit of drag on the spool.

look around the 89-91 for schematics and you will work out what has happened

either the gear in the side case has stripped or what i think has happened is the pawl cap on the line runner popped off and the guide (metal piece) has fallen out.

i will look later tonight for any schematics i might have

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Thats the one


I think thats a link to the schematics slinky sent me

Anyway i just found the ratio under the handle on a little sticker silly me :tease:

I mite just tidy it up a bit and put it back in a box, mite consider an egg beater for plastics on land.

Going to try get an outfit so i can drive to the broadwater in Southport in my uni breaks and try placcies.

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