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post-6655-1217186335_thumb.jpghey raiders my mate picked up this kingy from the esky :tease:

usual method bend over remove lid :biggrin2:

we have been picking up kings like this for a good 2 years now :1yikes:

i had to black out his face because good mates are hard to find and if i give his id well everyone will go fishing with him and next time i go there will be no mates there

i also did the barby there hard to get a good one to so i hope you all understand :074:

just chill out boys and have a laugh

cherrs gary

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hey brickman,

just wondering if your mate might do me a good deal on some of those pavers behind him.

doesn't look like he needs them with his grass being so healthy.

regards, barker.

p.s. - if he is thinking of getting rid of that 6 inch pipe, i'll take it off his hands also.

black it out or lose it.

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