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hi all, i need sum info please! i fish lake macquarie in my boat and am wondering if the experienced fisho,s on here can fill me in on the importance of fishing the tides, i normaly just throw the boat in and go whenever i can but a mate of mine told me to fish from 2 hrs b4 the tide change to 1 to 2 hrs after the tide change other than that i am wasting my time????? i would appreciate all and any info on this topic , im really loveing me soft plastic fishing. cheers to all diver1

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time and tide and moon faze all play a part

the prob is when are these factors relevent at your spot

for plastic and lure fishing you should talk to mr 35 :biggrin2: i think his name is hodgy or somthing :biggrin2:

he's the man

you should also fish your spot at all tides and keep note off when they start feeding and use this as a referance for future trips


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The tide is running slowest in the period you are talking about. As it comes to the top, or bottom of its cycle it, obviously, tapers off slowly before reversing direction. This is the time that many fish are at their most active.

Baitfish arent really suited to spending heaps of energy battling strong currents to get around so they go and hide in other areas but when there is no tidal movement they are free to get out into the deeper. Most bigger fish chase little fish. So it makes sense that the bigger fish will be active at a time when the smaller fish will also be active.

I fish the same way you do though, get in the boat and go when I can be bothered. So when the tide is at its fastest I just dont drift the middle of the channel. I hit spots like the flats runoff area or the eddies on the lee side of points. The tidal movement in these areas is bringing food from one place to another and (hopefully) the fishies are sitting there waiting.


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