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Sunday Middle Harbour


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Hi All,

Went out sunday morning in search of a low tide jewie.

Water was pretty cold at around 13 degrees but fish were still happy to bite.

No jews for us but we managed a couple of nice size trevally, a million pinkies and a few under size bream.

We boated a blue swimmer again and pulled up a couple of thumper ones who kept letting go every time i tried to get a bloody net under them.

New boat rule for this year. ALWAYS CARRY CRAB TRAP.

Best fish of the day was another very healthy 60cm flattie. Spotted a few other raiders doing OK on the kings.

Later in the day we got totally hammered by soft hail. It looked like snow on the ground and was an amazing scene in the neighbourhood. Kids throwing snow balls etc

It lasted on the ground foe hours until later in the night when it rained again.





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Nice work getting a few Zenman.

I went out for the jews on plastics around the same area but on the high in the arvo - you guessed it, 1 hr into it and i got caught in that downpour. Saltwater, aluminum boat, graphite rods and lightning don't mix. :1badmood:

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We got hit by soft hail on the way through Liverpool.

On the news they said it was snow !!!

Snow in Sydney - that's gotta be a first.

At least you got a few fish!!!

I got a big leathery and a blue swimmer in the Hawkesbury (and forgot the crab trap as well).



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Good stuff mike.

My old man told me about the hail.... he thought someone had fake snow on their car when he saw them drive past on eastern valley way.... then he drove round the corner and saw the hail!!!! :1prop:

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