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Plenty Of Kingfish

Ross Hunter

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We fished Browns on Saturday until 1pm without looking like getting a bite We had tried to talk our anglers into staying in on the reef as in our opinion it would have been a better option,but they had tuna eyes. We had aboard meeting at 1pm at The Mountain and we all agreed to head back in closer and try for kingfish at The Peak. Emu found a few jigs and we rigged patonosta rigs with whole pilly rigs. We had caught a few big stripeys on the way out so some fresh strips were prepared. Upon arriving at 3pm I sounded the whole area and found the fish best on south Peak .

First drop was double on the pillies, so we continued with these We caught 15 or so kings in an hour an a half but there were only a few legals amongst the catch, but alas it was better action that catching zilch and that's how it was heading out wide. We also caught one nice snapper

The average fish was 62/63cm.. I think they pull their heads in when put on the measuring stick.

I will predict good tuna fishing by the next moon.... Hope that's right...I did not take photos of Saturdays catch, however the pics used were caught the previous trip and they were about this size. I have just updated our web site if any one is interested Go into Fishing Reports and Fishing Stories and Hints for a collage of some of Junes tuna catch FOLLOW THIS LINK www.gamefishingcharters.com.au



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Gday there Ross ,

I agree thier are alot of undersize Kings There at the moment . I was in the Army boat and my other mates were in the Proline on saturday arvo . Saturday morning was the pick of the day lots of Kings biting . Sunday was also a good morning a few legals but lots of throwbacks , didnt take long for my novice mate to change from bottom bashing to jigging and landing his first king ever on Jigs on sunday.

Cheers dogtooth :1fishing1: John.

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