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70 Johnson


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What do you think could be the cause of my 7o Johno not starting

straight away , but just going "CLICK" every time the key is turned?

It did this a number of times before it decided to start :mad3:


Someone said it might be the starter solioid? Any ideas please.

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If you are getting the click the solonoid is getting power from the key. Wiring is good from key to solonoid.

Soloniods are a relay. They allow thin wires that run to your key to trip a relay which connects the heavy duty large current carrying cables that come direct from your battery and go to your starter motor. they do this to keep expensive and heavy cables to minimum length and they also lose current the longer they get.

Many times it can be a sign that te battery is not able to put out current required, or dirty battery connections. Check your battery voltage and battery terminals then your solonoid. If you find your battery terminals were corroded or making poor contact check the solonoid anyway as low current can cause them to pitt overheat and burn more than normal as the contacts area gets smaller.

Relays / solonoids get dirty contacts , break and often have loose connections. Some can be cleaned. On various motors you may have another solonoid ( tilt trim ) in the fuse box that will able to be exchanged if it happens on the water. They are easily replaced if required.

What year modle Johno 70 ? Speak with the site sponser for a quick solution or parts.

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Give the starter a sharp tap with a hammer.... if the motor now turns over the starter brushes are on the way out. The starter can be re-conditioned I think. Huey can confirm.



ps if the hammer works it is not a solution!!!! Get the starter fixed before your next on the water.

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Hi, good advise from the guys, but the easiest way is get some jumper leads and jump directly to the engine earth and the post on the starter motor. If the starter motor turns over than the problem is in the wiring. If not the problem is in the starter. Easy to remove the starter and service with new brusher if that is the fault.

Let us know what you find,



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F.Y.I , Battery came out and was a bit low on water for a start

cahrged and load tested next day , all good.

cleaned termnials and replaced positive clamp

as the positive wire was only hanging on by about half the wire.

Brought new charger and charged for rest of day.

Put battery back in and started first go and even sounded like

it had a lot more starting power. So hopefully thats all it was.

Thanks, Paul

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Great result -thanks for telling us the result - always good when you start with the simple things first. When you next get it serviced in the shop tell them about the lead and get them to check alternator / regulator outputs from motor. Keep an eye on battery level as motor may be boiling it. Crap battery and connections can put a lot of strain on a older motors electrical charging and starting components. Well routed and supported battery cables last so ifas you have had a terminal problem just check them for chaffing and make sure cables don't have strain on them. The low voltage and current can damage solonoids so if you find any change in starting or noises get them fixed ,be it the battery, solonoid etc. Much better than being stranded. Cleaning and protecting battery terminals, checking battery age or condition and checking leads is so often not even looked at by a lot of mechanics and leads to a lot of reliability issues.

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