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Kingy Fishing


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Hi Raiders, went out yesterday with two of the fishraiders Mike(Mikeh191) and Paul two mad fishermens.

We launched off the ramp at about 6:30 and headed out to the Peak. But first we went and got some livies.

We then started heading to the Peak when all the sweep were getting caught instead of the yakkas or slimmies.

Half an hour later we started jigging and Pual was on with a little rat. The next hit Mike got one around the 65-67 mark. One Keeper. Paul and Mike were like machines hooking them on, but all none keeper all around the 62-64cm mark.

Mike decided we should head out to Browns as all the hard work jigging for rats wasn't worth all the effort,and wanted to go cubing for the mako's.

Heading to brown short 7Mins of arriving there, there was a call on the radio that strong winds were caming so he decided not to take a chance and headed back to the Peak for some more kingies .

Started jigging again and I finally hooked on to two one 65cm a keeper and the other just 2cm shy of the mark within the 10min mark.

Mike then put out a live yakka and then the three of us started jigging again, i was the first one to hook on, a second later Paul was on, Two seconds later Mike was on, then the live reel ZZZZZZZZZZ. :wacko: Four on within the minute. We all pulled up, mine was a keeper and the other three were just a bees wacko off the mark. :thumbdown: . That was the highlight of the day.

Moved of to another mark and jigged, i landed my THIRD keeper around the 70cm Mark :thumbup: just as the winds hit out of nowhere, so we pack up and headed home, with 6 in the bag.

During the whole day we probably caught around the 20 mark, all but 6 keepers.

A very exciting day out for me because these were the first ever kingies that ive ever caught :thumbup: .

Thanks to Mike for taking me out, had a great time mate. Paul you also were a great bloke to be fishing with, an experiance i'll never forget.

Thanks boys for a great day. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: .

Pics will be posted up soon.

Cheer LALA

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Good work boys. Sounds like you had a day like i had out there last week. :1fishing1: Great fun when they're biting like that. Can't wait to get out there myself again - hopefully this coming weekend if the weather gods smile on us!

Good on ya Mike for getting another fishraider on to some decent fish.

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Great result guys, :yahoo:

Any kingie session make my heart set to full throttle, thanks for the report & pics boys,

only ways to survive the winter.

Just a question-is it channel 88 you need to have it set for the weather updates?

hope to see you on the water.


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