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Bladin The Hawkesbury


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well my day didn't quite start out the way i planned it. Decided to launch at Berowra which is only about 30-40 minute run fom my place and gives good access to where i wanted to fish. Got half way up Anangrove roar when i heard a noise and all of a suden felt my trailor lag and favour the left side. Pulled over and my suspicions were confirmed... Blown tyre. Game my mate Ross a call who lives nearby and he ahd a spare at his house..lucky

Got on the water and yep my leccy would not respond so i decided to drift with the wind and tide and work the banks. I was fishing 35mm Ecogear Blades and landed 2 nice fish around 30cm in the first 5 casts. I started to get a bit annoyed with the leccy so I gave it a good 'ol boot and believe it or not it started to work fine and stayed that way for the rest of the day.

I headed off to my destination and started working the deeper rockwalls with a lot of success. Bream were hitting the deck in quick succession. I decided to fish blades and only blades to get myself used to them. I was not dissapointed. I worked rock walls boat hulls and pontoons. All holding fish.

The quality of the fish were really good and i was suprised at the amount that I got considering the howling winds, cold water and intermittent rain. I ended up with 31 bream for the session all legals too which was a bonus. Kept the best 5 for the scales which came down to 4.26kg. I was pretty happy with that. I took a pic of the bigger 2 on my phone and will post them up when i can. Big bream for the day went a respectable 1.22kg.

Ecogear 35mm in blacky colour with orange bottom did most of the damage with the TT switchblade in Gold Noggin accounting for the biggest fish. Not a lot of bycatch. A couple of choppers and thats it.

About 330 the weather closed in with terrible winds and the rain had set in good so It was time to head home.

So a shocker of a start but a happy ending


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i went 4 a sp session thisarv and got a nice flounder and sum tailor :mad3: but i was targeting flathead :1prop: ow well at least flounder are nice to eat, got caught in the howlen wind heading back across lake macquarie! a couple of waves near came over the front of the boat!!! it gets bloody rough out in the middle when the wind gets up, shook up me :beersmile: he he he he. fish seem to have shut down a bit in the lake. :thumbdown:

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31 legal bream in a session is an awesome effort Mitch! :1yikes::thumbup:

From what I have read, blades seem particularly effective when fished off rock walls. Your report certainly confirms that. Congrats on a great session mate. Well done! :thumbup:


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Great report Mitch, Karma must have owed you after the flay tyre and faulty electric. Would have been priceless your reaction when the electric started working again after laying the boot into it. Hope you get into the Jewies up Wisemans way.

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