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Hairtail Social - Thunder, Jewgaffer & Al - Deckie


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Hi Guys & Gals,

We launched at Brooklyn Ramp around 7.30am on Saturday and headed straight to Pittwater to get some livies.

Jewgaffer got 2, and Al & I got around 20 between us - yakkas, slimies, and I got 2 beakies. I would of had a third, but after a long fight, jumping and tail dancing along the surface, he threw the hooks as I got him to the boat - LOL This is the first time I have caught garfish, so another species is crossed off my list !!!

It was hard going to start with, but after 15 minutes we got our first, and they kept going on and off the bite, so we had to keep the burley going.

The funny thing was, on my side of the boat I kept catching bait fish, and Al was on the other side of the boat with double and triple hook ups on baby bream and reddies.


Off to the Mothership to log in and we got spoilt by Ross (Flightmanager) and his cooking. Garlic prawns, calamari, and prawns in beer batter. We were only there for an hour, so I can imagine how Donna, Stewy and Co lived it up in the warm houseboat for the weekend, with their "Private Chef". I don't know how much fishing was done by Stewy of a night time, I bet they were having too good a time on the house boat!!! Anyway it was good to catch up with them. Stewy gave me a great tip, but it was a few days too late. At least I know for next time !!! :05:

Byron (Jewgaffer) doesn't like Hairtail (pre-historic vermin) so instead of fishing for Jew in Hairtail territory, we ended up in the main river, away from the festivities. We tried several jewie spots, and with 6 rods out on the 5.8m Cruisecraft, live baits, dead baits, burley, etc we were unsuccesful in our quest for Jewies. All I caught Saturday was a blue swimmer crab on the line. He was holding onto the bait and I netted him. Cooked him on the boat that night.

This is Byron with his one and only catch for the weekend which went back in.


Sunday morning I ended up catching the biggest leatherjacket I have ever seen (in a river) which measured just over 48cm when we first caught him, but the photo was shadowed. After taking him off the ice a few hours later for another shot, the bugger had shrunk 1 cm (Same thing happens to me in cold water) so I can only claim just over 47cm.


Around 8.30am I decided we would have a drift for some flatties around the green markers and the drop off's. All different baits, soft plastics, etc and no takers. We ended up in the middle of the channel headed for Gunyah, and guess what - back to Jewie fishing for no luck. So we only had about 30 - 40 minutes on one drift trying to catch fish, other than Jewies.

I gave the leathery and crab to my Deckie, as my wife :wife: is used to me coming home empty handed. At least Al's wife is happy. :yahoo:

My wife usually has steak out after I come home from fishing - just in case!!!

Looking forward to next time and we will be moored not that far away from Ross's cooking :thumbup:

I think it's a good excuse for a :beersmile: or few

The weather wasn't that cold - lucky it wasn't weather like today.

Tight Lines!



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Thanks for everything Greg. You certainly have everything needed on board and a special thanks also to Al for good Deckie to skipper understanding and your spot on anchoring in currents is an art in itself. Thanks for the constant supply of coffee, the barbecue meals and the on floor heating. We kept comfortable when we could and we certainly ate like kings :thumbup:

Luckily we did well on the baitfish by burleying them around as we did and we kept on burlying and waiting when others would quit. With those undersize bream and snapper coming into the burley trail you would wonder what's happened to the systems legal size fish. When you look at it, we still had decent baits out on three lots of paternosta jigs. The tide was good enough in all the time we spent there and that part of Pittwater is quite suitable for anyone to fish away in general all the same.

When we see a favourable break in the cold weather fishing will improve but we still have to persevere and work around a general shortage of fish in the first place. It's not that they are confined to certain areas, any part of a river or the near vicinty suits every species to congregate at times.

On the jewfish front, we couldn't have done any more than we did, so I just have to push on regardless and look for alternative spots where it suits the jew better and as to the Hawkesbury at the present time, I need to fish where there is a chance of catching anything else decent where the jewfishing part of it going to be within casting range.

I hope the few small things I passed on helps you both catch a few jewfish in the near future as I'm just getting my voice back :lol:


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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