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Hi Guys,

wondering if anyone knows how the northern beaches are fairing for salmon and tailor at the moment, with this crappy weather and winds we have have i have decided to leave the boat at home and try the beaches around freshy, palmy etc.

i dont fish much off the beach.

any info would be much appreciated.



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Hi mate,

I haven't had a line in the water seriously for a few weeks but conditions do look nice in a few nights time. There is a solid swell at the moment and that should move the sand around and create some gutters and holes. Tides look good for the weekend too. There have been schools of salmon moving around during the day and occasionally coming within casting distance of the beach and there should be tailor about. Give it a crack and rug up well.


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north palmy about 200 meters off the beach on the head land good rock high up with rod holes

a good cast will see your bait behind the waves

bream in close tailor salmon behind the waves

may be a bit wind afected in a southerly can be fished in up to 2 meter swell

good luck gary

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