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Central Coast Land Based


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Hey guys this is my first post so ill keep it short just moved to central coast and have been fishin ettalong and got nothin but small jackets and pike just wonderin if anyone has any ideas of a land based spot i might have more luck ???

cheers :1fishing1:

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If you have bo boat then a good spot to flick lures is around woy woy ferry wharf, this place consistantly produces bream , jew and EP's. Also if you can get around the woy woy bridge, this is a good spot . umina sand flats fish very well all year round. although there very clear water there are some great bream to be had as well as the ever faithful flatty. at the right time salmon, big chops and hthe occasional king will also chase bait through this area. I find a natural/ clear coloured placcy or shrimp pater HB work well around this area.

Good luck and I hope you get into em


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