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Light Beach Rod


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G'day beachfishing raiders,

Have a work colleague who is retiring to the mid north coast in a few months. Have had it in the back of my mind that a nice light beach stick for bream/whiting fishing would be a fitting farewell gift after 34 years of service to the NSW Dept of Education! Over lunch yesterday he let slip that he was looking forward to purchasing just such a toy when he retires. However, he won't need too!!

Any advice on a good quality factory rod with the following specs:

1. Lightweight and suitable for bream/whiting off the beach - maybe 4-6kg rating?

2. 10-11 ft long

3. Suitable for a threadline reel

4. Two piece

Is there an off the shelf model to suit or will I need to get one built up. If so, any advice as to suitable blanks - a Magbream or something similar perhaps?

Any assistance greatly appreciated.



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I have a Shimano Steve Starling series light surf a nice light beachrod 10'6" 2 piece perfectly suited to what he wants Unsure if they are still available but worth looking around for

Found one Shimano catana coastline light 10'6" 2 piece 3kg-5kg

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G'day Kel, I was in BCF today and there was probably around 30 to 40 rods there all around your specs give or take a bit, prices vary heaps , 39.95 to 150.00 approx, Cheers...

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Get a nitro sniper, 10'6 long, 3-6 kg, 2 pcs.

That rod is so light, cast a mile and i believe its a graphite rod as well.

Very suitable for bream, drummer, blackfish and whiting off the beach and rocks.

Cost me $300, dont know about the price now.



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Try the MT4144 from Pac composite or Snyder or a mag Bream two all purpose rods rock, beach and estuary handles everything up to a school jew even the mag bream both come ready made from ATS in low and high to mid mount. Available at all good stockists if in Sydney get Tony at Matraville to make one up off a blank had my 663 re done there beautiful job!

Hi Tony, trout are going off in Taupo!

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