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Shimano Australia


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I read in the St.George and Sutherland Shire Leader last night that the Importers of Shimano gear (Dunphy Sports in Taren Point, NSW) into Australia has sold their company to Shimano Global. Apparently they've had the contract to import Shimamo product for the past 30 years or so.

Dunphy Sports will still do all the squidgy stuff and will continue to play in that space and all the current staff will be retained by Shimano Global so it would seem very little impact to reco anglers and big fans of Shimano gear....

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I heard about this a few weeks ago but didnt take any notice as I though it just to be rumour, at the same time, I did hear however that Shimano global would be looking at rationalising the amount of shops selling the product and being more "selective" in thier choice of resellers with a favourable leaning to the larger groups and chains.


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