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Mud Crabs In The Hawkesbury?


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Gday raiders,

Just curious to see if anyone ever targets the good ol mud crabs in the hawkesbury?

I'll be fishing the hawkesbury for a week over the long weekend in october and thought i might take a couple of muddy traps up with me to use out on the boat.

Only wanting to know two things as i know i'd never give up a good muddy spot:

1. Are they generally there and catchable in october; and

2. How far upriver do you have to go to start getting into their territory? I'll be based @ patonga.



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im not sure though isnt patonga a sand bottom????......sorry if im wrong as i havent been all the way up there but i thought it was a sand bottom...

cheers flatty hunter

yea its a sand bottom ... cheers for the advice flatty hunter

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We used to do a lot of crabbing up around Spencer.

Go past Mangrove creek & Spencer township and when you come to the first red marker start dropping your pots. Both sides of the bank to the 2nd green marker.

Used to get some BIG crabs out of that stretch. Also get a few jew out of there as well.

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