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Snapper Mania ;d


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Headed out yesterday at 2pm and barely got over the bar as it was 5-10cms deep, freak wave got us over the bar, same story back in.

Headed out to first reef nothing much so made the call to move out futher

Sounded around and found a few shows so decided to anchor.

We were bottom bashing with chunks of pillies.

1 on a rig em jig (did the best, best snappers)

1 on a mustard flasher jig (medium, bricked once)

1 standard just hooks (worst, but still ok, bricked once)

For an hour we got around 15 snapper kept 3 around 40cms.

Nothing too big but was fun as hell, must of pulled up a fish every drop, sometimes tripple hook ups.

Got bricked twice by something massive, just couldn't stop the bastard.

Had a pod of dolphins playing around us 2 was neat to see :tease:

Anyway it was so good out there and hopefully can fine tune our snapper skills :biggrin2:

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