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Big Harbour Trevs


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Hey all,

Went out for a session around the moorings this morning. Found a nice area out of the wind marked up some bait and found some nice trevs harrasing the schools.

It's nice to get a few trevs when it's getting quiet out there and at a good size too.

The largest measured 55cms.



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good onya mate for a trev of that size. He would have

given you a solid fight. Well done.

We get some of those bigger models whilst jigging kings

and there isn't much difference in their power runs.

Trevs. are considered among the best fish as sashimi.

For texture and the lighter taste they are great.

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mate thats a monster trevally.... how good was the fight on that one?

The fight was quite weak. No big runs but it didn't want to come to the surface and i had a 4' leader on so it took awhile. I was surprised to see the size of them.

I reckon this cold water takes a bit of the fire out of them.

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