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What Line Do You Suggest On My New Tld50lrsa


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Hi raiders i need some help choosing the line for my


Just recently my good mate olly gave me a new shimano Tld 50lrsa

teamed up with a 24kg full rollered backbone rod from shimano

in show of appreciation for some electrical work i have done for him.

Anyway im intending to do some game fishing of sydney for tuna and will be

trolling and was wondering if some one out there can give me some advice

on mono line to use.

We already troll mostly fluro lines for best visibility in a spread of lures so

we know how far apart they are from one another.

So far we have fluro orange in tiagra tournament and yellow on the other rods.

Does any one use pink and if so what do you think i should get the only

pink mono i know of is maxima line but i do not know if they make it in


Any input will be much appreciated thanks to all outfisher

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If qaulity is what you are after and visibility is also your aim..

then put thought to "high impact Tournament made by Stren"

this line comes in a high visible gold and is well up in the order of being one of the best

lines on the market...and i am sure Tony could accomodate your requirements

Cheers Warnie...

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