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Flathead To 53cm On Softies


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After sending a PM to Hodgey and also reading his advice on winter flathead, I thought i would put it to practice in a quick sesh on sunday arvo.

Went out to my local in the v-nose punt, turned on the leccy and worked those deeper water drop offs with 3 inch grubs and minnows.

After a slow start managed 3 flathead - 44, 49 and 53 cm - see pics below. 44cm and 49cm caught on 3 inch Gulp pumpkinseed grub and 53cm on 3 inch Gulp minnow in smelt. All three fish caught in a last hour burst, the 2 biggest in the same hole.

The fish bit timidly, except the bigger girl that almost swallowed the lure. They were all pretty fat for their size compared to the ones i get here in summer, but all fought sluggishly compared to the summer fish. I suppose i move a bit slower in winter too :biggrin2:

Thanks again Hodgey, I told you i would send a report if your advice paid off!



Ps - Eating the 44cm flathead as i write this. Yummo!

post-6757-1217841671_thumb.jpg 44cm post-6757-1217841753_thumb.jpg 49cmpost-6757-1217841778_thumb.jpg 53cm

Typo - the 44cm on the grup, the 49 and 53cm on the minnow.

Typo - the 44cm on the grub, the 49 and 53cm on the minnow.

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What a terrific report Jake! :yahoo:

It's all well and good for someone to give you a couple of tips ... the onus remains on you to assimilate the information and put it into practice yourself, particularly when identifying the type of water/structure being described. You've obviously done a lot of homework and learned from it! :thumbup:

July 14 you were lamenting the absence of good flathead on plastics, and now you've posted three great fish! Congratulations mate. I hope this report is a sign of things to come ... and I reckon it is :thumbup:


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Great stuff Jake,

I was on fathering duties both days of the weekend and couldn't give Hodgey's newest tips a go but I'm hanging out to give a one of my spots a go in the kayak as soon as I get the chance. Nice fish there and it's all good signs for a cracker spring sesion or two :beersmile:

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