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D.a.m Fishing Rod ?


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Hi all,

Picked this rod up at a garage sale the other day as it was so cheap, even though i had no use for it, i thought it could come in handy.. The brand on the rod is "D.A.M" it's 1.9m long and rated 50lbs......I've never heard of this brand of rod and was hoping one of you might of ????...So i can establish weather to hang on to it or not ???..........I've tried googling it but can't seem to find much information other than it's german!

Any help appreciated.......... Arron :thumbup:

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G'day Aaron,

don't know much about the brand but it is reputable. From memory, D.A.M. is a German brand that has a range which includes rods, reels, line, etc... not unlike Shimano or Daiwa. I imagine they are a better known brand in Europe and I think they have a lot of coarse fishing tackle in their range.

Cheers, Slinky

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