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Go Fish Seminar Evening


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Last night was great up at Go Fish. They put on a seminar from one of Sydney's best known guides who spoke for about 2 hours on catching Jewfish in the harbour. Not only is he very knowledgeable but also incredibly good at passing on that knowledge in a simple and easily understood way. I was really interested in his observations and opinions of 'why' jewfish behave the way they do and then how that helps understand how to better target them.

Go Fish was packed and while of course, hosting this kind of seminar is a part of their commercial enterprise I still want to thank them for the night. It's all too easy to simply open a retail business and sit back hoping that the business rolls in. The Go Fish team like other site sponsors work their butts off to get to know all of their local customers and to find interesting ways to earn our loyalty... not just expect it. And as usual, they're a great bunch to chat to even when the store is full of a hundred or more people and they're flat out.

Thanks guys & dolls for a fun and informative night. I hope in turn you did good business because you deserve to.

And thanks to 'he who must not be named' for his time and information.

Oh... and do I really need to add that I bought another reel last night... :074:

Cheers, Slinky

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Would have loved to have been there. Did I miss a promo for the night?

Yep... 20% off everything in the store and they had a Spheros 12000 combo as a promo prize... I was really upset I didn't win because I desperately need another outfit :074::074::074:


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Yes well said Slinkey...

A BIG thank you to all at Gofish.

Another great evening. I think the harbour jews and squid may be in for a bit of attention this season!

Thanks too to Craig for sharing your knowledge with us all. Its great to see a bloke of your calibre and standing just get up and deliver nearly 2 hrs of pure info based on years of experience.

Humesy I have a set of speaker notes for you If you would like them. Drop the Gofish people a mail and get them to put you on the mailing list for next time.



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A big thanks to Pete and the rest of the Go Fish team for last night!

I had a great time and the guest speaker was very informative, also being my first time to the shop I got to sticky beak around.

I can't remember her name but a big thank you to the lady with long blondish hair behind the counter who set me up with membership, you were very helpful.


P.S. Go Fish needs fishraider beanies! They had none last night. :(

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big :thumbup: pete for organising the great night that all had...

the talk on jews was very informative and even a jew specialist woulda walked away with something i recon...

was good to chat to a few guys and will look foreward to the next one....

if you havnt been there yet guys pete has a real good setup including camping and yak stuff along with the usual good fishing gear....

just dont go there straight after slinkys been otherwise there might not be much left,see he really sold the house to finance some more gear but told the :wife: something different.....


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