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Hawk 5-2-04


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Hey all,

well Breamaholic and myself decided to hit the Hawkesbury today to get rid of any cobwebs that may still be there prior to the Oz Open next week. We launched at the respectable time of 0830 and were only on the water for a couple of hours, but a good couple of hours it was.

Started off well with Ross getting a solid bream on his second cast and another nice one only a couple of minutes later. I started to think I better lift my game. we moved on to another spot and it really started to come alive. in the next hour and a half we boated 12 or so legal bream all averageing the 30cm+ mark and they were nice healthy specimans. the Bream were very aggresive and sure did let us know that they were around. we ended up with a healthy bag that we would have been happy with on any given day.

Various placcies were used but the most succesful being..........hhhmmm I forget :1prop::1prop: (the ABt is not really that far away).

well I hope the bad stuff is out of the system and this is a good sign.

The weather was great with barely any wind and almost no boats around, couldn't have asked for a better day.

I do have a few picks of the better fish of the day unfortunatly they are on Bremaholics camera and I cannot download them on my computer but will get them up soon.

Happy fishing,

Mitch :1fishing1:

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Just thought i'd stir it a bit. Bass minnows. mainly in watermealon, but other colours worked well too. Nil HB work today although I did buy myself a couple more ecogear today... not sure why, just incase I guess


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