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Crab Traps


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Hi raiders,

Surprisingly my last few trips into the harbour have produced blue swimmers.

We jagged a few but dropped some whoppers when they saw the net. I want to put a crab trap down and i was wondering what info i need to put on the float. I was just gonna tie it off to a milk bottle or similar.

What is best bait and trap type and info i need to be responsible about this type of fishing.

Do i need to let females go etc and what is the size and bag limit.

Thanks for any help provided.


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Hoop or Lift Net (commonly called Witch's Hat):

Not more than 5 nets to be used (or in possession) by any person at any one time.

1 or 2 hoops per net (no rigid frame between them).

Diameter of hoops should be no greater than 1.25 metres.

Mesh size not less than - 13mm.

Drop (length of net) should be no more than 1 metre.

A tag, at least 80mm x 25mm, clearing showing your name and address (or name and registration number of boat being used) must be attached.

Must be dropped and raised vertically through the water by hand.

Must not be used in ocean waters.

Any rock lobsters or fin-fish (which are subject to a size limit) which are caught must be returned to the water.

Size limit 6cm


Bag Limit 20

I thought you couldnt keep females, but cant see it actually listed anywhere

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Hi Daleyboy,

Mate your a champ for that info - thanks.

Yeah i will investigate further regarding females. I think if they have eggs they have to be returned.

Hope they are still hanging around in the cold water.

Do you think a whole stinky mullet will be they go. I might get one on saturday and leave him out all day and night to stink up a bit.


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As far as i am aware females are only returned when carrying eggs.

On the mullet- strip it first so you have bait, they love the guts and heads etc. Also anything that is oily I have found they love old pillies - save a mesh onion bag next time and string that into the trap with the pillies inside.



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